Workshop on Policies and Proposals - 24 Sept. 2019

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Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels


On Tuesday 24 September 2019, SKILLFUL hosted the Workshop on Policies and Proposals for Regional, National and European measures uptake from the SKILLFUL project.

This event was held at the VIAS Institute, in Brussels (BE).

 This workshop aimed at:

  • Presenting SKILLFUL results, conclusions and recommendations;
  • Fostering exploitation and implementation of SKILLFUL results;
  • Discussing context specific issues in European regions/countries and ways to address them and overcome potential obstacles;
  • Helping to define policies, proposals for regional, national and European measures uptake.


Please see the programme below: 

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About the SKILLFUL project:

The SKILLFUL project’s aims are threefold: 

1.       To critically review the existing, emerging and future knowledge and skills requirements of workers at all levels in the transportation sector, with emphasis on competences required by important game changers and paradigm shifters (such as electrification and greening of transport, automation, MaaS, etc.); 

2.       To structure the key specifications and components of the curricula and training courses that will be needed to meet these competence requirements optimally, with emphasis on multidisciplinary education and training programmes; 

3.       To identify and propose new business roles in the education and training chain, in particular, those of “knowledge aggregator”, “training certifier” and “training promoter”, in order to achieve European wide competence development and take-up in a sustainable way.