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Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels


WP6 Dissemination and Exploitation (VTT)

               To widely disseminate the project’s activities and outcomes to a wide range of stakeholders in Europe and beyond.

        To call on a broad range of stakeholders involved in project pilots and activities.

        To make project pilot sites renowned reference cases Europewide.

        To reach target groups (scientific community, industry end users, policy maker, the general public) at regional, national, European and global level.

        To investigate pertinent existing standards and standardization activities in order to identify gaps, where support for on-going standardization activities would be useful or the initiation of a new standardization activity is necessary.

        To develop, apply and evaluate appropriate training curricula, material and programmes for all types of SKILLFUL services (i.e. trainers and trainees to use project tools, various stakeholders for formulation and uptake of proposed business models).

        Issue of best practices and recommendations for delivery of ICT-based services to various groups of workers and tutors, related to usefulness, usability, efficiency and business reliability factors.


Work Package Leader: 

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