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Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels


Skillful Workshop: Challenges for employment in transport


The SKILLFUL INTERMODAL workshop for WP2 was hosted in the conference “Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations”, jointly organised in Brussels by the Mobility4EU and MIND-SETS projects on 22nd-23rd May 2017.

Facilitated by Wouter Van den Berghe, Belgian Road Safety Institute, this workshop presented an overview of the Skillful project and, in particular, of its two major pillars, namely:

  • the identification of the future job skills and competences in the transport sector; 
  • the identification of the most promising and innovative training schemes and methodologies for meeting the future requirements of the transport workforce.

In doing so, a special emphasis was dedicated to intermodality. The workshop was, to a large extent, interactive in nature in order to stimulate knowledge exchange and transfers between the organisers and the audience and to benefit from input, comments and suggestions from the audience.

More information can be found at, including session C where SKILFUL was presented:

SKILLFUL intermodal meeting2SKILLFUL intermodal meeting


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